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I train you the Forex trading from A to Z to become professional enough to start your own trading performance in personal or commercial FX business range, Or learn my trading strategy and set up my software system on your MT4 to trade real or Demo money as professional trader. Read about my Forex full course and choose what part you need?

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ADS securities Fx , UAE

ADS securities is one of the leading online Forex trading companies in the Middle East and it has its branches in UK & Singapore, all are regulated. You can trade local share markets in the Arabian Gulf & US plus European shares and CFDs

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Sami Saydam (Resume) + (YouTube) has started his Forex trading in 1994 before the internet era, he has BSc in Astronomy & MEA in G&O Engineering which made him well knowledge in Time Series Analysis/mathematics. A combination of science has given him the power to predict the future trends in Financial Markets.   


Real ECN and Managed Fund

Open your forex trading account from any place in the word to enjoy the trusted regulated Australian fx firm with leveraged trading up to 500:1 with almost 0 spreads> real ECN. Also join my traded bool account (MAM=Multi Accounts Manager) I trade this MAM.

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Forex Trading Tools

Dynamic Support & Resistance finder

My own built Forex indicator show R & S Dynamically

This is my own trading indicator 100% can be installed on your MetaTrader 4 charts to show you the real support & Resistance levels in dynamical way. You can rent it or buy it or 30 days free trail.

Open inputs Expert Advisor

My own built EA open inputs to set your own fx strategy

It is my own EA based on the Support & Resistance Dynamic finder, with this Auto trader you can set up your own trading strategy and back test it for testing, you can change your inputs as your desired, also it can be set as trading signals generator, it has CCI open inputs. Rent or Buy or FreeTrail

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Expert for EU stocks


This is my own Live trading performance and account trading statement since 10th June 2019 which is made specially for public to view and evaluate my daily trades, anyone world wide can copy my trades:  Rent this signal $399. 

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