Forex Full training course from A - Z

I am expert in Financial markets (Currencies, commodities, stocks, CFDs products, options, Bonds) since 1994 and can coach to train beginners or professionals to start their own forex trading & set up their trading strategies from A to Z including practices on demo or live accounts.

This is how it works;

You contact me on SMS or WhatsApp with your name and interest. Then I decide what level of education you require, I will check your knowledge in 30 min, then we decide what level of education you need to be ready for trading. 

The full course is:

1- Forex for beginners:

First: You need to have your own Laptop & Mobile.

Second: You need to know how to use basic Microsoft tools and friendly with your laptops & Mobiles' Apps and how to download and upload and using the emails.

Third: During our short meeting, I will decide how far you have knowledge in Forex business and training. 

Fourth: After you pass First, Second and third, then I will inform you your level in Forex and what you need to know from the following course features:


A1- Basic Forex knowledge: How it started to how it is worldwide business.

A2- Forex trading methods and developments since 1890 to 2019 and beyond.

A3- Why we lose in trading the Forex? Why it has negative reputations between public?

A4- What technology Forex business needs and tools?

All of the above A1 to A4 is one course needs 5 hours training.

Next: For the traders who have enough knowledge of the above A:


B1- The historical technology involved in Forex trading.

B2- What is leveraged trades? Why we need it? How far traders can use it?

B3- Forex before internet age and after the internet age. What are the harms and benefits? 

B4- Dutch mark (German currency) age and the Euro (All European union currencies) age.

B5- How to avoid losses in Forex trading? Major risk management techniques

B6- The Islamic rules involved in Forex trading risk management!

All of the above B1 to B6 is one course needs 5 hours training. 

Next: For the traders who have enough knowledge of A & B:


Knowledge behind the stage (Forex companies secretes):

C1- Trading platforms and current technologies. Why mill seconds are important?

C2- Which trading platforms to use as individuals? Charting tools

C3- Forex companies and banks (Financial institutes), Where are the main exchanges?

C5- What are the B booking and real Forex transactions?

C6- Regulations and bankruptcies for financial institutes, which one is the best FX company?

C7- How to protect your big capital under regulated firms or banks? Important for big investors

C8- Trading catastrophes and historical cases. (Important for Introducing brokers and big capitals)

All of the above C1 to C8 are in one course needs 6 hours training. 

2- Forex for professionals:

Next: For the traders who have enough knowledge of B & C:


Forex Trading analysis (Technical & Fundamentals) Set of strategies:

D1: Charts and its features.

D2: Forex trading Calendars and how to read them?

D3- Time frames, its candles starting and closing a major trend.

D4- How to use technical analysis to know the trading signals? Indicators and EA: Expert Advisors.

D5- What is MQL5 = MT4? Who are they and how they are developing the Forex trading technology?

D6- How you can create your own Forex trading strategy? How to convert it into EA?

D7- How to find EA trusted freelancer programmer in low cost and in short time.

D8- How to test your forex trading strategy and update your own EA and evaluate others' EA before to use?

D9- How to sell or rent your own EA or indicator after you programmed them?

All of the above D1 to D9 are in one course needs 2 days meetings 6 hours each. 

Next: For the traders who have enough knowledge of D plus personal free drawing skills and special imaginations:


Predicting Forex trading trend by Time Series Analysis (Mathematics & Charting)

E1- Historical charts and it is meaning for time?

E2- How to collect the historical charts and long time back history under different time frames?

E3- I train you on comparisons patterns.

E4- practicing the comparisons on life markets.

E5- Making the estimated predictions.

E6- Practicing the predictions on demo trading.

All of the above E1 to E6 are in one course needs 2 days 7 hours  each.

3- Forex for Business professionals (Make it as your living):

Next: For the traders who have enough knowledge of C & D:


Introducing Broker & White Labeling (Creating your own FX business):

F1- How to create your own income from Forex business?

F2- Introducing Broker under commissions & rebate from mark ups.

F3- How to create this set up of business and your incomes (Contracts and Forms)

F4- Forex trader’s leads and techniques how to reach new traders under your IB

F5- Introducing Broker portal and methods to track your traders under your portal.

F6- Multi terminal MT4 platform and MAM trading Platform and MT4 Manager.

F7- White labeling your IB means you have your own MT4 platform & Fx company.

F8- How to  reach $500k income per year? Or per month!

All of the above F1 to F8 are in one course needs 8+ hours training. 


For beginners who wants to be trained on my advanced trading strategy only, they are welcome to take 5 hours course meeting.

You need to bring your laptop plus $699. Read more

Read the 2 reports performance of this system for the year 2017 and 2018 until April 2019 for both auto traders working on any live account. >>> 

Report 1 (2017-2018)

Report 1 (2018-2019)

Report 2 (2017-2018)

Report 2 (2018-2019)

All trainees will be added for free into my WhatsApp group for follow updates.

Note: All what you are paying for 100% worth of 18 years of my experience in Fx business.

The above knowledge (A to G) are called full course but off-course you can choose parts of this knowledge up to your needs.

The meeting arrangement is in GTA, Toronto, Canada.

- For overseas meeting can be done over the team viewer and internet calls.

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Please choose what you need from this course then contact me. 

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