Forex Full training course from A - Z

I am expert in Financial markets (FX, commodities, stocks, CFDs, options, Bonds) since 1994 and can coach and train beginners or professionals to start their own forex trading & set their strategies from A to Z including practices on demo or live accounts.

This is how it is working;

You call me or SMS or WhatsApp me first with your name and interest. Then I will have to meet you in person in any place with internet, I will check your knowledge for 30 min, then we decide if you need to just set up my Auto trader software on your MT4 trading platform to automatically trade your live or demo money? Or to learn the full course or some of the following:

The full course is:

1- Forex for beginners:

First: You need to have your own Laptop & Mobile.

Second: You need to know how to use basic Microsoft tools and friendly with your laptops & Mobiles' Apps and how to download and upload and using the emails.

Third: During our short meeting, I will decide how far you have knowledge in Forex business and training. 

Fourth: After you pass First, Second and third, then I will inform you your level in Forex and what you need to know from the following course features:


A1- Basic Forex knowledge: How it started to how it is worldwide business.

A2- Forex trading methods and developments since 1890 to 2019 and beyond.

A3- Why we lose in trading the Forex? Why it has negative reputations between public?

A4- What technology Forex business needs and tools?

All of the above A1 to A4 is one course needs 5 hours training.

Next: For the traders who have enough knowledge of the above A:


B1- The historical technology involved in Forex trading.

B2- What is leveraged trades? Why we need it? How far traders can use it?

B3- Forex before internet age and after the internet age. What are the harms and benefits? 

B4- Dutch mark (German currency) age and the Euro (All European union currencies) age.

B5- How to avoid losses in Forex trading? Major risk management techniques

B6- The Islamic rules involved in Forex trading risk management!

All of the above B1 to B6 is one course needs 5 hours training. 

Next: For the traders who have enough knowledge of A & B:


Knowledge behind the stage (Forex companies secretes):

C1- Trading platforms and current technologies. Why mill seconds are important?

C2- Which trading platforms to use as individuals? Charting tools

C3- Forex companies and banks (Financial institutes), Where are the main exchanges?

C5- What are the B booking and real Forex transactions?

C6- Regulations and bankruptcies for financial institutes, which one is the best FX company?

C7- How to protect your big capital under regulated firms or banks? Important for big investors

C8- Trading catastrophes and historical cases. (Important for Introducing brokers and big capitals)

All of the above C1 to C8 are in one course needs 6 hours training. 

2- Forex for professionals:

Next: For the traders who have enough knowledge of B & C:


Forex Trading analysis (Technical & Fundamentals) Set of strategies:

D1: Charts and its features.

D2: Forex trading Calendars and how to read them?

D3- Time frames, its candles starting and closing a major trend.

D4- How to use technical analysis to know the trading signals? Indicators and EA: Expert Advisors.

D5- What is MQL5 = MT4? Who are they and how they are developing the Forex trading technology?

D6- How you can create your own Forex trading strategy? How to convert it into EA?

D7- How to find EA trusted freelancer programmer in low cost and in short time.

D8- How to test your forex trading strategy and update your own EA and evaluate others' EA before to use?

D9- How to sell or rent your own EA or indicator after you programmed them?

All of the above D1 to D9 are in one course needs 2 days meetings 6 hours each. 

Next: For the traders who have enough knowledge of D plus personal free drawing skills and special imaginations:


Predicting Forex trading trend by Time Series Analysis (Mathematics & Charting)

E1- Historical charts and it is meaning for time?

E2- How to collect the historical charts and long time back history under different time frames?

E3- I train you on comparisons patterns.

E4- practicing the comparisons on life markets.

E5- Making the estimated predictions.

E6- Practicing the predictions on demo trading.

All of the above E1 to E6 are in one course needs 2 days 7 hours  each.

3- Forex for Business professionals (Make it as your living):

Next: For the traders who have enough knowledge of C & D:


Introducing Broker & White Labeling (Creating your own FX business):

F1- How to create your own income from Forex business?

F2- Introducing Broker under commissions & rebate from mark ups.

F3- How to create this set up of business and your incomes (Contracts and Forms)

F4- Forex trader’s leads and techniques how to reach new traders under your IB

F5- Introducing Broker portal and methods to track your traders under your portal.

F6- Multi terminal MT4 platform and MAM trading Platform and MT4 Manager.

F7- White labeling your IB means you have your own MT4 platform & Fx company.

F8- How to  reach $500k income per year? Or per month!

All of the above F1 to F8 are in one course needs 8+ hours training. 


For Traders who wants to set up and install my trading system (Auto trader) on their own MT4 real or demo money, I will have to install it and teach them how to use the EA tools, it will take time within 6 hours maximum meeting.

You need to bring your laptop with MT4 demo or live account $55 for the monthly rent for this system plus $11 for the virtual server monthly rent to host your MT4 to have it running 24/7 online, all are ready to pay it online at this meeting.

Read the 2 reports performance of this system for the year 2017 and 2018 until April 2019 for both auto traders working on any live account. >>> 

Report 1 (2017-2018)

Report 1 (2018-2019)

Report 2 (2017-2018)

Report 2 (2018-2019)

All trainees will be added for free into my WhatsApp group for follow updates.

Note: All what you are paying for 100% worth of 18 years of my experience in Fx business.

The above knowledge (A to G) are called full course but off-course you can choose all or parts of this knowledge up to your needs then to add the cost of each one in total.

I am in all GTA.

View my resume and trading experience + my YouTube interviews are all in my website.


Please choose what you need from this course then contact me. 

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