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I know most of you are looking for best investment opportunity and great income, with my long experience in Forex trading, I will teach you my own simple (unique) trading strategy to make big income.

I am Forex expert since 1994 

(This is serious issue, NOT a scam)

This is how it works:

First you 

Please finish the following steps before you meet me:

1- Open your demo fx account and download the MT4 trading platform into your laptop. Choose the STP type account and choose any amount in usd you wish to trade as real money in the future after practicing. It is all virtual money now, Use this (short link) to register a demo account 

2- Open your live forex trading account and verify it with your legal documents.

I recommend this fx company (short cut link) , it is wealthy and regulated fx firm in Australia. 

Choose MT4 and STP account type with USD currency based.

This company is accepting Clients from Canada and it gives 500:1 leverage.

3- Open your payment tool to help you quickly deposit and withdraw your fund or profits from this fx company then to your local bank account or to your credit or debit card. Use this short link to open this payment tool 

Choose the usd $ to be as base currency for this payment tool Skrill.

Verify your account to make it ready.

Also, you can deposit your first capital in to your Fx account by using your Canadian debit or credit cards or by wire transfer from your Canadian bank to the Forex company Australian bank for big capitals more than usd $5000.

4- Contact me to add you on my WhatsApp group +1 6479272741.

5- I will meet you for the training and installing the system, it will take from 4 to 5 hours then you will be able to trade the Forex market and making money right after this training. 100% GUARANTEED.

This training meeting can be done over seas by using phone and team viewer 

The training + installing the system is USD $521 = CAD $699 + 2 months free.

Trading Forex is much easier than ever when you do it under experienced instructor.

I will add you to my WhatsApp group to hear other members' reviews and interact with the group activities. We are one family in Forex business.

Also join my meet up group: SamiForex for the monthly meetings.

We have also weekly meeting to review our strategy. 


See you soon

For more information, please WhatsApp Sami at +1 647 9272741

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