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Last update in 02 Jan 2019. (The newer events are down of this page).

I am happy to announce my previous case studies projects for the past 20 years of working experience in stock market.

I have created investment opportunities in financial markets according to these predictions. I have listed them as the following:

 (The newer predictions are down of this page)

1- I have announced that the gold spots prices has reached to its max historical top level at $1921 and it will start to fall down. That was in UAE Albayan news paper in 5th of Sept 2011. The gold prices went down one week after this announcement. It went sharply down from $1921 to $1595 in one week.

Read the news interview, it is in Arabic: 5 SEPT 2011

2- Read the important prediction regarding the major fall of the Egyptian stocks market since Dec 2010 until 17 of Jan 2011. Read all the blog subjects: 

one of the witnesses on my advise (Arabic but links are not working any more in this blog) 

I have documented this coming event in CNBC arabia in 17 Jan 2011


Then the massive drop in CASE30 index has happened due to the political clashes which has been started in 25th of Jan 2011 and kept on. My prediction was 100% accurate.

Plus you can search all my recent articles on google by my Arabic name: 

سامي صيدم

3- My prediction system has predicted the crude oil prices in early 2008 will jump from $89 at that time in my TV interview was in Feb – 2008 to $150 in gradient during the same year of 2008. I have documented that announcement on TV interview in CNBC arabia in Bahrain in 9th of Feb. 2008 at 15:30 The prediction was exact and the crude oil prices have reached to $149.6 during the same year of 2008. See the TV interview in YouTube: 

4- In summer 2005, I have predicted the Natural Gas prices are going to spike up soon from $9 to $12 during very coming short period of time, I bought huge number of Natural Gas contracts through Saxo Bank in Denmark before 10 days of the predicted event. After few days, the hurricane Katrina has formed in stronger category up to 6 before the weekend, I have celebrated my birth day with Saxo bank staff that Friday closing day, Katrina has hit and destroyed the oil and gas rigs in the Gulf of Mexico. By Monday early morning, the Natural Gas prices has spiked gap up to $12.65 at the market opening hours and I have gained high profit over that weekend. It was a fun story in Saxo bank for weeks.

5- The system has predicted that the Dow Jones index will drop sharply late in 2008 from 12,000 points was level in June 2008 to 6,400 points during few coming months only. The prediction was right and it helped my clients to avoid major losses in financial markets before the global crises in 2009, I have sent email to Prince AlWaleed Bin Talal the major Saudi investor in US markets but he has ignored it I believed (CITI group was $32 at my sent email then went to $0.97 in the same year. This study was only documented under news letters in yahoo groups RS messages only.

See yahoo blog messages: Look to the date and the DJ levels:  

See also other messages: 581-584-590-591-597

Noting that: Yahoo group messages can’t be edited after being posted, It can be deleted only.

6- Prediction result shows that Saudi Arabian stocks index TASI will have to drop sharply during 2008 from the 9,000 points levels at that time in June 2008 to less than 5,000 points in few months and it did happened. This study was posted in yahoo group RS messages as well in July 2008. You can view all of the messages in Yahoo groups since 2003.

Please view and search at Vip-Gold yahoo group messages in:

7- I have made important prediction project in November 2009 (Before Hajj Muslim holly EID), I have alerted investors in UAE & G.C.C countries to be away from the financial markets before this EID holiday starts because it is showing sharp drop in G.C.C stocks markets. This drop has happened in December 2009 because of Dubai deficits announcement. I have announced this warning and documented it in CNBC-Arabia TV interview in 19 of November 2009 at 09:52 am; 

watch the interview:

Another TV interview after the drop:

8- Another important but older prediction project has predicted the Gold prices might jump from $1056 to $1132 during one month, I have announced it by TV interview in CNBC-Arabia on 8 of October 2009, the gold price was $1056 at that time of the interview; it went to the predicted price of $1132 during one month after the interview. Also the announcement was linked to Google by Mubasher news & Blogs but (Not working link now)

The TV interview still here:

9- Many TV interviews regarding some predictions for the financial markets during my stay in Dubai, the TV channels are: Al Arabia TV, Al Eqtisadia Saudi TV, Al Ekhbaria Saudi TV, Cnbc-Arabia TV, Sama Dubai TV, Dubai TV, Decision makers TV and KSA2 Saudi TV in English France24. All are listed in my YouTube channel: 

10- I have converted my trading strategy in Forex trading into (Auto trading program) Expert Advisor auto trader where it can work on Meta trader 4 trading platform after I have registered the strategy under the UK-Copyrights number 316009 on 26 of Feb 2010.

This indicator is for sale and rent on 

The same strategy is converted in to Expert Advisor (Auto Trader) working on MT4 charts

Both are for trail period at

11- UK copyright registration number: 320492 in 7th of June 2010 with name Sami Saydam national back up strategy (SSNBS) on Gas and Oil fall prices, this is new strategy made up for the G.C.C. countries to back up the huge price losses in case of any worse case scenario might stop the production lines for Gas and Crude oil from the Arabian Gulf.

12- I have predicted on 11 Dec 2014 by strong charting evidences that The EURUSD is going to 1.098 as down target during year 2015 and the crude oil is going to break the $61 major support level and will go down to $13 during 3 years and that is giving strong warning to the oil production countries that they will suffer economically from the low prices for the next 3 years and might take more time to back up their budgets. Also I have predicted that Dubai main Index for the share markets will end down to 2000 points due to this fall of oil prices. All was written and posted in Argaam economical blog in 11 Dec 2014: 

I am the first to announce this drop coming levels in oil prices and sending alerts to G.C.C oil producers countries: 

Then CNBC official website at the comments under the Doolittle has foretasted in CNBC in 31 Dec 2014, weeks after my above article:

13- I have predicted that the Dow Jones DJIA and the US stocks markets will drop quickly on 8 of November 2016 and I have twitted in May 2016 that this will happen because Donald Trump is going to be elected as president to the United state of America not Hilary Clinton, my prediction has happened while most of the political analysts have predicted Hilary is going to win!

This twit is in my twitter account/liked @Sami_Saydam 

14- Last May 2018, I have predicted the Crypto currencies are going to keep going down in value until the end of the year and this is what has happened.  

I started to document all my predictions on my twitter account @Sami_Saydam under liked twits.

15- I have posted my prediction in Twitter @Sami_Saydam in January 2019 and placed it at my twitter PIN: I have predicted that the US stocks markets are going to sharply drop for long term correction, it will start from the end of March to the beginning of April 2019 and it will keep dropping for many months. This drop will be harmful and will start global financial crisis, it will slow down the economic growth worldwide.

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