The Islamic Forex method


Trading Foreign Currencies is the most cheaper business in costs and the higher in profits , it can be done in short term and in seconds. This market is huge and the trades are executed always. This business doesn't require any utility bills or Establishment fees like any built up businesses in general. The only negative side of Forex trading is the risk behind it! Off-Course the risk will pop up if any trader is borrowing his trading capital from the broker house to use it in high volatile markets! what we call it leveraged trades or leverage use. The main cause of the risk in this beautiful market is the leverage use or the leveraged trades or the instant borrowing money from the broker to make a trade. I don't understand how the traders can win this market if they do not have real money to trade their capitals? Especially when the market is moving crazy during the active hours at the EU or US sessions? I have done my investigations to find out the main reason behind the continuous losses between the professional traders and the beginner traders and the answer was always the leveraged trades mostly. Leveraged trades weren't exist before 1977, all the trades were done in 1:1 in leverage use only. Trader could trade $100,000 only if he/she has it in real liquidity in his/her account, No borrowing or what we call it trade on margin like today (All are fake). With this classic trading methodology, trades can end up in profits at most of the closing without worries or risk or forced to be closed in losses as it is now days called Margin Calls.

The Islamic law AL FATWA (Arabic text page 7) announced in 2006-2007 from ALMAJMAA ALFIQHI ALISLAMI in Mecca city has eliminated Forex trading by forbidden the leverage use on any trade in order to be under SHARIAA Islamic compliance. That is my new trading method now and that is how I will trade your Forex trading account. 

This kind of trading method is requiring minimum starting capital of $1,200 and above in order to trade 0.01 lot only in EURUSD or GBPUSD with the current market value for EURUSD = 1.140 or GBPUSD = 1.150 as an example. I personally accepting to manage trading accounts from my clients with a minimum starting capitals of $12,000 USD and above. My statistical data says that each 1:1 trade I make (Under this classical or Islamic rules) can take time from 2 hours up to 4 days in hold trades and the net profit is varied from 0.3% to 1% for each trade but (Not in each day) in average. Let us calculate it, One month has 20 business days, the 20 days/ divided by 3 days as holding the open trade, it will give profit of = 3.86% to 7% in average 5% profit per each month with risk almost 0 ! Because I don't need to close any trades in losses as long as I am using my 1- professional prediction and analysis first to predict the trends of the market before I make any trade. 2- I am not borrowing the broker money.

Therefore, $100,000 capital can give profits from $3,800 to $7,000 per month under no worries on markets' volatility at any time. The quarterly profit for this business will be 15% in average and then 40% to 60% per year which is more than excellent income comparing with any business on earth without any headaches of business costs and tools. The main idea in this business model is to trade without leveraged fake trades, only 1:1 of the available capital.

I have the long term experience to predict the financial markets as you see in my profile and you have the big capital as client. Then we can build up successful profitable business with lower or 0 costs and risk free.

For more details please call me Sami Saydam direct calls or on IMO or WhatsApp +16479272741 .

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